Andy Roddick, what can I say??? I totally get behind you every time you play. You have arguably the best serve in tennis, and yet the only grand slam title you hold is the 2003 Us Open. What's up with that? You played great tennis last night, and still couldn't get a set off of Federer...bummer! (7-6,7-6,6-2) What's it gonna take? I really thought when Conners came on to your team that you were going to make that last push to the next level, and it just hasn't happened. I thank you for bringing Connors back to the game! It is great to see him in the stands. As far as I am concerned, the men's Open is over...Federer vs _____, and I don't care. I was rootin' for you! So have a nice break, and then come back swingin' I will still be pumpin' my fist when you win...and be sure to bring Connors back with you!!! (No Husband, I don't have a crush on Jimmy!)


  1. I like this guy, he's got good on eliners for the stupid announcers. Janet

  2. i'm sorry did you actually post words with that picture??? :)


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