Emmy Fashion (In My Opinion)...

First off, let me share a little known fact about The Nap Warden...Before I ever met Husband, before I had babies, before I was a trader, I came to the Big City and got my first Bachelors degree in Fashion Design. Upon graduation, I was an assistant designer for two years (I loved that job, and I was good at it). That being said, I haven't worked in this industry for over fifteen years, but I still love to critique the award shows...and in some strange little way I feel qualified to do it...so here goes!!! OK, starting with the don't likes...Where to begin??? There was more don'ts than do's, so I am just going to hit the low lights...first up Hayden Panattiere.I don't get this at all? Girl, you are eighteen and one of the hottest actresses out there, and yet you look like you raided Hellen Mirin's closet for this number. What gives??? You are way to young for this dress. Speaking of Hellen Mirren...
You usually hit the ball out of the park, this time I am not feelin' it. Not good, moving on...
Ellen Pompeo, what was up with your hair? It reminds me of a football helmet, wasn't diggin' it.
This one pains me Julie L. Dreyfus, usually you look like a million bucks. This dress just wasn't workin' for ya'. Color, cut not so flattering, and you have a rockin' bod so there is no excuse for this one...
Alright, I do not get why celebs. do the feather thing??? It rarely works. There is just a green Big Bird quality going on here that just can't be the direction anyone wants to go...
So, lets hit some high points...
Ali Larter, whole package, stunning dress (fit, color, cut...flawless), hair perfect, make-up...couldn't ask for more, A+++!
Christina, girl you worked it out!!! I know you are pregnant, but you covered it well and looked great doing it!!! Way to go, lookin' like a million bucks!
Teri Hatcher, let me start by saying I am not a fan. But, you worked it out tonight! Dress, hair, make-up perfecto! If I were going to an award show (haven't yet, but a girl can dream) this would be the dress I would wear...'nuff said.
Final word....Best dressed...
Katherine Heigl, you just shined! I thought your hair was perfect, and the dress was glamour. I loved the pop of the red lip, with the pull back on the rest of the make-up. Total package, this is how it should be done. Way to rock it!!! You can't have the good without the bad, and I have a tie for worst dressed...Jamie Presley, and Jenna Fischer...What went wrong? You both are cute young women, these dresses don't do you justice at all! They add bulk where you don't want it, they have busy patterns that confuse me, you both look frumpy! This just leaves me wondering how this happened to you??? Do you not have stylists? If you do, fire them now? Were there no mirrors when you put these dresses on??? I don't know what else to say, I am totally perplexed!
There you go, just my humble little used to be a fashion designer opinion. Did anyone else watch, what did you think???


  1. My favorite was definitely Ali Larter.
    Hayden Panattiere for sure had a spray on. She told Ryan Seacrest she didn't - she's just Italian.
    I didn't realize Italians were orange.
    Great post!

  2. I didn't get to see the show but you did a great round up of the fashions. And yes, I didn't like Helen's dress but that COLOR is just amazing. Am drolling over it. And loved the chicks you picked for best dressed too!

  3. First I think that a lot of celebs think the world is as odd as they are and have little understanding of good sense--including fashion. Also, I think that there's no one around them with the guts to tell them "you're going out the door wearing THAT?" when the rest of us have one or two people that catch that kind of thing. And also I think that they want to stand out so badly that they don't realize how badly they're standing out.

  4. fashion design? who'd a thunk! wow - how impressive!

    i hear ya on hayden's dress - what was her publicist thinking??

  5. i would have to agree with what you said...i missed the emmys though but i do like what christina wore...shes pregnant??? i did not kno this

  6. NW -

    This post is so out of my league...as fashion for me is do I have pants on or not... :)

    But I agree that some dresses are ridiculous looking...and I don't get the feather "big bird" look either.

    The Egel Nest

  7. I totally missed the emmy's last night. thanks for this post...I enjoyed getting to see what they were wearing! :)

  8. Katherine Hiegl best dressed fo sho. She looked Chad-Tastic! Teri Hatcher is a close second. She only lost out in my book because she is a total beast. I don't like her and I don't like sharon stone either for the record.

    I liked the charlie sheen's 'to-do list' joke.

    thank you.


  9. okay NW -

    As a follow up...I was watching the news today and they said the worst gown was the big bird one...feathers lose again :)

    The Egel Nest

  10. Thanks for the great recap! I totally agree with you!

    Some of the accessories were a bit weird too, not just dresses..


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