More Mean Kids.

What is with these awful kids at the playground? What gives!?! Today, we are at the playground and Little Miss Peach was running around chasing a ball, climbing, just going about the business of being two. These two little girls, sisters (maybe 3 and 18 months) come up to her stand right in front of her and say "don't touch me". Of course, the next thing Miss Peach does is touch them. They take turns chanting "don't touch me" and "we don't like you". It was weird, for girls who didn't want to be touched, they wouldn't leave her alone! How does a three year old girl get so mean? I watched and did not get involved, and Miss Peach got tired of their routine quickly and skipped off to the sandbox. The Little Man was then the target for the crabby kins. Before they could rain down their wrath on him, I picked him up and carried him off the to sandbox with Miss Peach. I probably shouldn't have done this, but as I picked him up I said "Come on Little Man, these girls are no fun, let's go play with some nice kids." Yes, I realize I am the adult and I probably shouldn't have said that, but they were just so aggressive and mean! No, there were no parents in sight, only a nanny speaking Spanish to another nanny. So, what is the deal? Why are there so many mean kids out there???


  1. I've noticed that a lot these days when I take my granddaughter out. But the other day,.. I was taking out my trash in the apartment complex and the little boy, about 4, who just moved in about two weeks ago shouted out to me,... "I don't like you, you're mean" when I have not even had the pleasure? of meeting the new neighbors. Don't think I want to now.
    I thought that was just plain rude.
    Good luck at the playground, I think you did the right thing.

  2. i think its' mostly the parents (they are what they know and have been taught) and somewhat of the kid factor. either way, you did the right thing.

  3. I don't know what causes it but it sure is annoying.

  4. A clue may be who the caregivers are. Parents might be more concerned about their children's behavior than paid "sitters" who barely speak English.

  5. Last week, a little boy (dressed in boy capris with a heart on the butt - can't make it up) starting yelling "MINE!" at my girls for no reason. Right after, he started spitting at them. Nice kid, right? I went to tell the mom (yes, I'm a tattle tale when it comes to my own kids) and she she blamed it on day care. Um, excuse me? He's not AT day care at the moment, so what does that have to do with now?

  6. We are dealing with a kid who is mean to #2, who will stand her ground and give as good as she gets.

    Some of it, I think, comes from seeing other kids get away with that sort of behavior.

    Some of it, I think, comes from parents who don't intervene and try to teach better behavior.

    In the case of the little girl at school, her mother says she hasn't played with other kids much and hasn't learned how to be a good friend. These girls are in kindergarten; what's the mom been doing for the past five or six years? Locking her kid in the house?

    I read an article that paraphrased Mr. Rogers' writings. It said that talk like, "you're not my best friend" anymore is actually developmentally appropriate because it's how kids learn to navigate relationships.

    That doesn't absolve the parents from being involved and explaining to their kids why being mean is wrong.

  7. NW -

    I agree with bananas...mean parents...mean kids...

    Honestly, most kids use their kid version of reverse psychology though..."don't chase me," usually means chase me...and if you stop they look sad...

    I think kids should be nice to other people regardless, so if goes beyond playful banter, someone should be supervising them to stop it.

    The Egel Nest

  8. ugh....I just don't get it. I don't understand parents who don't watch their children at the park and make sure their behavior is appropriate.
    I often feel like I have to remove my girl from situations due to inappropriate behavior.
    I too, often want to say something just like you did.

  9. I agree with Bananas. We're north of the Mason-Dixon line but I make my kids say Sir, Ma'am, "Ms. So-so" or "Mr So-so" when address adults. I just picked up my boys at afterschool care and the staff couldn't stop praising their manners.

    I also will not tolerate back-talk from my kids. You certainly give an example by being mean. But kids see what is acceptable when they are not expected to use manners when addressing their parents.

    What a great dialogue - thanks for visiting me earlier.

  10. I would have done the same thing, except I would have added a 'bitches...', under my breath. I'm totally petty like that, and should probably see a shrink.

    It is depressing to see meanness exhibited in children that young, and is totally understandable to try and protect your little ones from it.

  11. i notice the similar thing like this at the mall i dont know how many times the kid will scream because they arent getting something they want or how many times i see kids saying mean things to each other...perfect example of both is either time i had to go with hadyn and sydney anywhere

  12. The kids really might have been little beasts, or it could just be a stage. My 2-year-old son is really into telling me "not to talk" or to "go away" these days.

    It's rude, and we're working on eliminating the behavior, but he's testing his boundaries.


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