Thirteen Best SNL Sketches...Sooo Hard!

I may have bitten off more than I could chew on this one, but after careful review and goes:

13) Barry Gibb Talk Show-"Talking it up, on the Barry Gibb Talk Show, talkin' bout chest hair..."

12) Celebrity Jeopardy-"I'll take the penis mightier for 400 Alex"

11) The Gap Girls- "Belt it....cinch it up"

10) The Super Fans- "Da Bears, da bears, da bears, da bears"

9) Matt Foley, Motivational Speaker-"I live in a van down by the river"

8) Spartan Spirit-"It's time for the perfect cheer"

7) Chippendale's Audition-(there are no words...Farley dancing)

6) Ronco Bass-o-matic-"It slices, it dices..."

5) Male Synchronized Swimming-"we dig a hole, we dig a hole...Lake Gitchagumi"

4) More Cowbell (Behind the Music,B.O.C.)-"What this song needs, is more cowbell"

3) Fred Garvin Male Prostitute-" well.. since you're a gal, the company sent me - Fred Garvin, Male Prostitute"

2) Samurai Delicatessen-(oiiiiaaaahhh)

1) Billy Goat-"cheezborger,cheezborger,cheezborger, no Coke, Pepsi"

This was fun, but hard...There are so many more I want on the list! Coffee Talk, The Church Chat Lady, The Coneheads, Chris Farley Lunch Lady, Deep Thoughts, or William Shatner at the Star Trek Convention! I love them all, and I have so many more...I grew up on this show, but now that I have two babies, I am asleep when it comes on, so I stuck with the old stuff...Bring it on, what did I miss?


  1. I use to watch SNL all the time. I never make it anymore.

  2. I grew up on SNL too but haven't watched it in years. I don't think it's nearly as good now as it was then though. Great list! :)

  3. wow - great minds think alike (or something like that). i actually drafted an SNL 13 list! Yours is awesome!

  4. Man, I'd completely forgotten about SNL. It was never as good as during my college years, so I drifted away.

  5. I never even watched SNL until a friend insisted on quoting the motivational speaker at me for a week straight. I finally gave in and got quite a laugh from the few episodes I watched. Great stuff, here!

    Happy T-13!

  6. What about the sweaty balls (public radio ladies)?

    You can't forget the sweaty balls! ;)

    I also liked the Catholic schoolgirl freak skit and the Will Ferrell skit where he is part of the singing duo. HA!

  7. I only watch SNL now if they have an interesting guest host. I thought I might see at least one Eddie Murphy skit on the list. Like you said, it's hard to narrow it down to 13.

  8. Note to self:

    Great TT!!!

  9. SCHWEATTY BALLS!! OMG, loved this skit and have it downloaded.

    My dad once fixed Julia child's stove and asked her if she had seen the skit about her. She giggled and said yes. The old skits were the best.

  10. I liked "Old French Whores" with Garth Brooks.. lol! He made a really pretty whore.

  11. It isn't as good now as it was back then. I was watching with Ashlee Simpson screwed up, though and was "faking" her songs! That was classic!!!

    Great list.

  12. I think I've seen maybe a 1/2 dozen episodes. Thanks for stopping by my TT.

  13. I am wildly impressed that you could narrow it down to 13... I do love me some cowbell, but Schweddy Balls is a classic, too. I find the NUUNI bit annoying, but I quote it a lot, so it seems to be growing on me...

    Outstanding list.

  14. Oh I miss the good old days when SNL was hilarious! Thanks for the blast from the past. Happy TT!

  15. I imagine it was difficult to narrow it down to 13! You hit most of mine - but I'm also a fan of Rosanna Rosanna Danna :-)

  16. you are right, this list had to be hard, but Celebrity Jeopardy, especially with Sean Connery is priceless

  17. You're missing the church lady "Inn'at special".

    But more, you're missing Mr. Robinson's Neighborhood. Funniest Ever.

  18. I rarely watch SNL, but you have wanting to catch it again.

  19. LOVE SNL!! The original all the way baby. Eddy Murphy. Dan Akroyd. Jimmy B. I can see all their faces. The BEST SNL episode ever? When Queen was musical guest. In all the years of watching first runsm reruns, re-reruns I've only seen that episode twice.

    Grat list! Happy TT

  20. Haven't watched in years, but I'll bet it's just as funny. Have a great TT. :)

  21. I haven't watched SNL in a couple of years, but I remember a lot of these. :-)

  22. Thanks for visiting my TT :-)

    I don't watch SNL so I can't comment, but I do love your blog name. :)


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