Wonder Woman...RIP.

Did you notice? I changed my header!!! Wonder Woman was a place saver for my new Super Lady. In my wildest dreams my rack never looked like W.W. (and it kind of frightened me). I think since I just snaked that pic. off the Internet, I was breaking some kind of copyright law. Rest assured our new Super Nap Warden; was paid for legally from Istockphoto, and looks lots more like me! Yeah team...Let me know what you think!!!


  1. Like the photo, fits the cartoonish theme better than Amazon women.

  2. lovin the new picture...ya wonder woman looks way to creepy top heavy and is kinda body builder built...your new charecter is better:D apperenty the colors are icc colors

  3. I'm going to be Super Lady for Halloween...she's HOT.


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