Every Day I....

  1. change a mountain of diapers

  2. feed babies

  3. decide whether or not to wash my hair

  4. make my bed

  5. talk to my mother

  6. drink one Coca Cola (lately I have been drinking two)

  7. enforce naps on crabby tired babies

  8. watch a rerun of Law & Order

  9. go to the market for something I forgot

  10. blog...

I don' know if you can tell, but things around here are feeling monotonous. I am becoming a mombot.

Now it's your turn..."Every day I _____."


  1. Every day I...
    Check email
    Play with kids
    fix food
    Give a 18 different medications to 3 different kids (we're dont from 21 - this is a good thing).
    Listen to music
    Read others blogs
    Try to comment on a few new blogs I've read.

  2. 1. Wipe poopy butts
    2. Scour the internet
    3. Try to remember to eat
    4. Say, "Don't touch your brother's penis" at least once
    5. Sing the theme song to Handy Manny
    6. Ignore dirty dishes in favor of trampoline time w/ the kiddies
    7. Extol the praises of the potty chair in hopes that someone will pay attention and actually use it.
    8. Try not to step on Cheerios
    9. Wonder how to bring sexy back
    10. Find humor in mothering


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