Sushi Night Good!

Sushi night went well...I went with little Kate, Husband and Henry did some male bonding at home. Kate and I took the bus, very exciting. We sat by the door, and Kate said "Bye bye now!" to everyone getting off the bus....too cute. There were about six other moms there. They all seemed very nice, and very downtown. They were put together well. Designer shades, cute outfits... Think Sex & the City. I was glad I wore the big ring. Katie was so good. I was very proud of her until she spilled her Cheerios all over the floor. It was like someone broke open a pinata. All of the kiddos swarmed the floor eating all the dirty Cheerios. I felt bad, but it was OK. Everyone was very nice about it. I think I will go again next week. BTW, the sushi was soooooo good! Yeah sushi!

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