Trying Something New & Yummy!

I have heard about a group of moms that get together at a really good sushi place downtown. This is such a great idea! They each pitch in a couple bucks for a sitter to watch the kids in a private room in the restaurant. The place provides stroller valet service and gives all the mommies 25% off of their bill. The moms get to visit, have a drink and some good sushi, plus they don't have to keep both eyes on baby (just one). Sounds great, and I am in. I will let you know how it goes.....Yeah sushi!!!


  1. That is an AWESOME idea! I live in Nashville...I don't think we have anything like that. Great marketing on their part!

    p.s. the new Publix that opened down the road from us had free sushi samples the first few weeks...I was so psyched! Free sushi for mama and free cookies for the kids. ;)

  2. I know, this is a great marketing idea for the sushi place! It gets the Moms in on a slow night......Yummm!


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