Guilty Pleasure....I'm So Ashamed....

I have been watching "Age of Love". There I said it. It is bad, so bad, I know it is bad. It is bad that the women parade around competing for Mark P's attention. It is bad that the older women and the younger women are sabotaging each other for the man's attention. It is just sad that women have to perform for the man. Plus, Mark says things like "I just kissed her, but I wasn't "kiss" kissing her. When I kiss you, I am "kiss" kissing you." Come on Amanda! (I think that was her name) Are you actually buying this? Come on!!! Yesterday's episode, he was kissing everyone, except for crazy crying girl. I know she had to go, but I loved watching her be insane. I will miss crazy crying girl. To top it off, I don't think Mark P. is very bright, he doesn't seem to have much to say, and he isn't that hot. I could justify the women's behavior if it was George Clooney....but not this guy...Oh the things I watch on TV. I am so disappointed in myself. (I now hang my head in shame)


  1. Come on now, why not watch something really compelling...say: "Hell's Kitchen" for example?

  2. I stopped watching "Hell's Kitchen" to watch this nonsense...:)


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