Stranger Things #StreamTeam

August has been a busy month. Between work, and kids in Chicago not going back to school until after Labor Day, there has been a lot going on in our house.

We did however find a moment to sit down and binge Stranger Things.
I had NO IDEA what a treat we were in for! This show is magic with a side of creepy. Think Goonies meets Super 8 and add a pinch of E.T. I can't say enough about it. It's a given that I'm going to love anything set in the 80's, which Stranger Things is. These actors were perfection as 80's kids.
It was SO wonderful to sit with my kids and watch pieces of my childhood. Their entire mode of transportation is their bikes, AND there isn't an adult in sight through everything they do. We spent every waking moment on our bikes AND our mother wouldn't know where we were until sundown. My kids are having such a different experience.

Nostalgia aside, Stranger Things brings the creepy for sure. Without ruining anything, let me just say "Oh Barb!!!!" PLUS OMG, I haven't mentioned one of the best parts...
Winona Ryder as the mom!!! I miss her. I have no idea where she's been. Who didn't love her in Heather's?! Girlfriend NAILED it as the mom who refused to believe her son was gone.

I can not share enough how much I loved it. The best movie of the summer in my book...that wasn't a movie ;) Well done Netflix!

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