I Am Not Your Guru #StreamTeam

I have always been curious about Tony Robbins. I don't know much about his background, other than he was born into a poor family, and a story about a stranger who left a bag of groceries at his door over Thanksgiving so they wouldn't go hungry. This catapulting him on his lifelong journey to help end hunger across the nation.

I am fascinated by huge venues and what it takes behind the scenes to bring big shows like Date With Destiny to fruition. That's why I was so excited when I saw that Netflix was airing I Am Not Your Guru. It is the perfect behind the scenes peek at Tony's Date With Destiny event in Florida, directed by Joe Berlinger. It is quite a show.
Before I go any further, I must warn you, this is a show to watch once the kiddos are in bed. I was taken aback by the language Tony uses. He says he uses "the science of taboo language" to wake his audience up from their sense of inadequacy. Date With Destiny is a $5,000 six day marathon of Tony Talk.

While Guru, walks you through a lot of Tony on stage couching a handful of attendees, I was more interested in the event organizers back stage, and the one on one interviews with Tony pre and post stage. It is quite a show. At times it feels like a cult. This guy has the crowd behind him for sure.

I must admit, Guru left room for questions that go unanswered. There is a lot of therapy going on here. I couldn't help but wonder how dangerous that could be. At one point, Tony asks if anyone had contemplated suicide to raise their hand. Many folks do. At that point, you can't help but think they are entering dangerous territory.

He also encourages a woman to break up with her boyfriend over the phone in front of the entire audience. I'm sure there must have been scenes we did not see that lead up to that. I'm also sure there must be some vetting of audience members before Tony chooses them. (Think Steve Martin Leap of Faith)

I'm curious, have any of you seen Guru? Would love to hear your thoughts!

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