Total Drama...#StreamTeam

I am a member of the Netflix Stream Team. I received a welcome kit which includes a year’s subscription to Netflix. Opinions expressed are my own.

Gonna let you in on a little secret...I love cartoons. Love 'em.

I used to keep this hidden. The kiddos would be watching Regular Show (which I love) or Gravity Falls (which in my opinion is the best show on TV) I'd watch along with them, basically because I enjoyed them. Dirty. Little. Secret.

About a week ago, I was watching The Daily Show. Jon Stewart was talking to Mad Men's Elisabeth Moss. Out of nowhere..he drops, "Gravity Falls has these incredible plot lines..." Wait..YOU Jon Stewart are watching Gravity Falls? Heck yeah!

I'm NOT the only adult watching cartoons! Woo-hoo!

One cartoon that is in HEAVY rotation at our house, that you can catch on Netflix is Total Drama.

Am I the only one watching? I can't be...

It's literally a snarky animated version of Survivor. The host, Chris McLean is so the cartoon version of Jeff Probst. He's funny, and snarky and completely wicked. Every season, they rotate competitors and every episode a contestant is voted off.

This show is like popcorn to me. I just keep eating it. 

Guilty pleasure time folks...what's your favorite cartoon?


  1. Oh wow, this will make me sound old, but I used to love The Flintstones. :-)

  2. I love Looney tunes. Have you introduced your kids to space jam yet?


  3. Phineas and Ferb is the only one my kids watch that I can stomach.


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