Lululemon Peplum Tank Love

Not sponsored, just love.
I never shop, but for whatever reason, I have become quite smitten with peplums. I give you exhibit A from my Instagram account.

When I saw this SUPER cute tank at Lulu, I simply had to buy it!

If anyone at Lululemon is listening, please make a peplum jacket to match...I pinky promise I will buy it too ;)

*It's out of stock on their website, but you might be able to find one in the store. It's a bit pricey at $58, but it's just. So. Cute.


  1. My daughter is all about the peplum these days too. And she loves Lululemon, so this is a win-win. Exhibit A is lovely. :-)

  2. You’re right, the tank is really cute and yes a bit pricey too. But I do love Lululemon products because they know how to keep thing stylish. One of my favourite workout clothing combination is my sky blue Lululemon tops with white beyond yoga leggings, they complement each other perfectly.


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