My Insta Life

I ran into an old friend at the Museum yesterday. She peered over the counter at the Idea Factory in the Museum of Science and Industry and said, "Is that the Napwarden I see?!"

Our kiddos used to play a million years ago when they were in preschool together. Thanks to CPS and magnet school acceptance, we all went our seperate ways when kindergarten started.

She mentioned, "I notice you aren't blogging anymore." Which made me kind of sad because I love blogging and I love this blog. That said, she's completely right. I have not been blogging as much as I wish I was. The honest to goodness truth is, I've been cheating on my blog with Instagram. I. Am. Addicted. To. Instagram.

SO...if you haven't found me on Instagram, I'm here.


  1. Facebook and Instagram have definitely cut into the blogging, but I decided to make a bit of a comeback in blogging and glad to see you here too!


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