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I am a member of the Netflix Stream Team. I received a welcome kit which includes a year’s subscription to Netflix. Opinions expressed are my own.

 I can't believe some kids are going back to school next week! That said, I think in Chicago, we are at the halfway point of summer break. While I'm taking them to museums to keep them engaged...there is a lot of vegging in front of the TV going on here:/ I was super happy to find some great educational options on Netflix to give their brains a boost.

The first thing out of my son's mouth was, "SO...this is educational?" I said, "No it's's just really cool." OK, I fibbed a bit. Yes it's educational, but he's really interested in space. We visit the Henry Crown Space Center at least once a week at the MSI. I'll admit, I had to sell it for a bit...but he came around.

When you are dealing with a seven year old boy, the more rocket footage the better. I'm a big geek, so I enjoyed watching When We Left Earth along with him. Episode 4, The Exlorers was my sons favorite. He is extremely interested in the Apollo 13 mission and lunar rovers.

My Little Man actually asked me if we could watch Nova: Ultimate Mars Challenge when we had finished The NASA Missions. "You bet!" We'll be heading to The Adler Planetarium afterwards to check out the Mars Rover up close.

Thank you Netflix for providing some great summer programming for my kids...we're heading to The Blue Planet next!!

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