iPhoneography Deep End

I was looking through my Instagram stream to find some of the MANY pics I had taken of us at The Museum of Science and Industry.

Basically, they were having free month for Illinois residents, and we were having a teachers strike...SO...that was my entire plan of attack. The kids had a ball, and learned all kinds of cool sciencey stuff. I was uber impress with all of the presentations they do. (Personal favorite being balcony drop...Yes, that's dropping stuff off a balcony.)

I'm rambling. I saw this pic in my stream. I LOVE now this edited out. It's me waiting to board my flight to Dallas for Bloggy Boot Camp.

I have been jumping back and forth with my iPhone Photography apps. My go tos at this point are Snapseed, Iris...and FX Photo Studio. I love all three, and depending how fast I want to jam the edit out, I use a different one...or mix. I am in LOVE with the Napa preset from FX Photo Studio.

Some times, I want to control every aspect of the edit...sometimes I go straight to the presets.

Am I just a big geek, or is everyone going off the iPhoneography deep end?

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