Turning a corner

I've been driving a bit more. Not a lot by most standards...but a bit more.

Rather than spend every afternoon at the playground after school, twice a week, we've been driving to the health club. It works out really well since the kiddos love the play room. (What's not to love, the place has a climbing wall, a Nintendo Wii, and an indoor tree house.) I get an extra two hours to work while kiddos play...win-win.

While heading north on a busy Chicago street, in a lane that had gone from one to two because of construction, I met the biggest idiot on the planet. (In case you are wondering, he drives a Uhaul van.)

I'm in my one little lane, waiting to turn left...didn't make the light, and stopped.

Well, Mr. Uhaul jerkwad lays on his horn, like I'm the biggest idiot on the planet for not making the turn. I hate folks who plow into the intersection only to block all traffic because there is no room for them on the other side. How would my butt hanging in the intersection make his life any easier? I was SO mad, I actually considered getting out of the car. (Which I would never do.)

I turned around, and looked right at him. His bald ugly head all scrunched up yelling at me. I stayed calm and talked right through my back window, and his windshield.

"I have two kids in the car." pointing at Miss Peach and Little Man. "There is a woman in the intersection, and a traffic jam on the other side. Where exactly do you want me to go?"

Little Man and Miss Peach turned and looked at him, shaking their stuffed animals at him..."Yeah!" they chimed in.

"Just turn around!" he yelled, while doing the double point from his eyes to mine.

"You started this." I calmly said back. "I have two kiddos in my car, and they are way more important to me than your schedule."

Then the light turned green. I made it around the corner, and his big fat Uhaul butt got stuck in the intersection.


  1. Yay !!
    I have had those encounters in the past, for one reason or another, they used to upset me so. Then my husband one day, said ... Look at how red his face is, how crazed he is getting over this .. he will have a stroke one day at the wheel of his car/truck/whatever ..

    You did the right thing.. drive safely, block out all sounds from the numb n*ts behind you :)

  2. You are a very patient person. I probably would have cranked the radio and ignored him. The problem is he still doesn't think he did anything wrong.

  3. Welcome to driving. Blechhh!


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