Oh the things I'd do...

Where has the day gone?

I've been so busy lately, I don't have a moment to turn around...let alone put stuff on Smokey's head and take pictures. I miss Smokey pictures:( I simply must find more time...

I have been designing blog after blog after blog...
Here is the latest on my desk. Super cute, right?!?

It's cute, clean, functional...(those little pictures in the header rotate with her most recent posts...how fun is that for a food blogger)

Anyway...Now that I've shown you what I've been up to, I just know my Mom is going to yell at me.

Why, you ask?

Well, she promised her plumber that I'd rock out a site for him if he cut her a deal on plumbing services...Thanks Mom...I'll get on it...I promise...(really, I will)

Somehow I feel like I got the short end of that deal:/

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  1. LOL! So what do we need to barter to get my move to WP started...my husband is a paint contractor :)
    I would like to talk to you about the big change....I'm terrified, but optimistic, after seeing Live, Laugh, Rowe
    Thanks, Lori


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