No mimes

This was our conversation on our rainy walk home from school today. Miss Peach was blowing bubbles the entire way...I could not stop chuckling at this random exchange...

Little Man: "Do you like mimes?"

Me: "I'm not so fond of mimes."

Miss Peach: "Why doesn't Daddy like mimes?"

Me: "Well, I think Daddy feels a lot like Mommy when it comes to mimes."

Little Man: "Why don't you guys like them?"

Me: "Well...I think it has to do with them coming up to you and trying to pull you into their act. I don't like that...I have no idea what they're going to do, and I feel like I have no control of the situation...and I don't like that."

Miss Peach: "Well, there's a lot of mimes in Paris. That's why I'm going to have my honeymoon in London."

Little Man: "If I see a mime, I'm going to run away from it. Will it chase me?"

Me: "No honey, mimes don't chase you. They're passive, I've never heard of a mime attacking someone."

Little Man: "If a mime saw me and I tried to cross the street, would he step in front of me and stop me?"

Me: "Sweety, mimes aren't aggressive. They won't chase you down the street or trip you if you don't want to play along."

Little Man: "Well, if I see a mime, I'm gonna throw him in the garbage can."

Me: "Well alright then."


  1. Have they somehow forgotten about the creepy dude at McDonald's last year that was all painted? ;)

  2. A mime had a moment of forgetfulness when we were just arrived in BA and thought my dog would be a part of his act. He learned his lesson ...

    The dog got all the applause.


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