Found myself in the Emergency Room yesterday. My head to toe allergic eruption (that's what the doc called it) became too unbearable, and I had to bring the pros in:/

Now...I can't compete in the Tour de France:/

Why, you ask?

I'm on steroids! Well steroids and Benadryl. I'm gonna kick this rash into last week dang it!

They're working...and when I'm done with the drugs...Smokey will have a nice hat.

Looks thrilled...don'cha think? ;P


  1. Such a rough month for you! Hope you get better soon!

  2. If ever a look said, flatly and understated, "really?", Smokey's does.

    I hope you're better.

  3. oh man - I hope I didn't give you anything! (sort of joking here) BUT I had this weird rash, but only on upper body, going on in Nov and Dec - was on steroids too. Beware of weight gain!

  4. Ugh, allergies are no fun. Hope the meds do the trick!


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