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I watched the Oscars...kinda boring...not bad...just kinda boring.

I'll admit it, I didn't see ANY of the nominated films...nadda one:/

When would I have the time?

My question...What was the deal with Angelina Jolie?
I mean...I kinda can accept that this was her preferred pose for the red carpet...but then she came out to present...and struck the same bizzaro world pose with her leg jetting out...it was just...kinda weird.

I mean she looks great...if you can count out the fact that she REALLY needs to eat a burger or two...just what's up with the pose???


  1. Said Rhe same thing in my post today! She's so weird!

  2. I think there has to be something more behind it. Or maybe I hope. TMZ is saying it might have been a dare, and I think I read she might have been trying to be funny? I don't know. I know she's had a few weird things here and there, but she's never been quite *that* obvious before.

  3. it was unnatural - who the hell stands like that - my back would be killing me!


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