I think I'm coming out of it...at least I hope I am.

It seems whenever life gets tough, I have to take a step back and remind myself, with every hurdle, with every bump in life's long road...if you're lucky...you learn something along the way.

The last week and a half has been REALLY bumpy. I swear to you, last night...I sat down...took a breath...and felt like I had fought a war. I. Am. So. Tired. Then I thought to myself...This has been hard, what have I learned?
  • You never can be too paranoid.
  • No matter how sure you are that you can't shove a square peg in a round hole...sometimes it's a really good idea to take a step back. You'd be surprised how things look from a different perspective.
  • Every once in a while...you gotta pick up your fork and knife and eat crow:/
  • Communication is the best way to stay on track...Communication.
  • When you feel you have totally lost control of a situation...you just gotta let go and hope for the best. 
  • No matter what is happening...when your baby is sick...that trumps all the noise that's going on in your life.
Everyone got sick this week...and thankfully...everyone got better. It's been a long week...I hope I've learned my lessons...and I'm looking forward to a delicious nap.

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  1. I'm glad to hear that everyone is better - of course, that means that for a while, everyone wasn't. And I'm sorry to hear that. And when everyone's sick? It's REALLY hard on Mom - especially if Mom is sick, as well. Because, though nobody means to, everybody looks to Mom for aid and comfort when they're sick - even though Mom might be sick, too.

    Mom deserves a BIG HUG.


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