I had a great day...

The kiddos had the day off from school today.

Since the health club actually became a nice place...they have LOVED going to the play room. There is a tree house, inside the play room. There's a whole corner of the room with gymnastics foam that is a foot deep on the floor. That is to catch them in case they fall while scaling up the new climbing wall.

I could go on and on...but I've gone off on a tangent...again.

The kiddos spent over two hours climbing around...went home, watched a movie, and generally had a good day. It's cold and yucky in Chicago so I've just been shooting for good days.

Later this evening, I noticed The Little Man wasn't touching his dinner. Which is odd because he LOVES ham.

He excused himself and went upstairs. A few moments later I hear...

"Mommy, I'm a mess."

"What do you mean, you're a mess?"

"I exploded."

He was not kidding when he said he exploded...it was all over the bathroom. My poor Little Man had thrown up all over the bathroom:(

It was a two man job cleaning him and the bathroom up...

The entire time he kept repeating..."Mommy, I had a great day...and then I exploded:("

Poor little fellow...


  1. It never fails... having a great day , then exploding.

    I hope today he feels perfectly fine again.
    And you too .

  2. Ah, yes. Fun, is it not, when they learn the fine art of projectile vomiting?

    I hope he feels better.

  3. Aw, poor guy! Too bad it had to happen on such a good day.


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