When you know Photoshop...

...you get emails from your Mom like this:

"I need you to take all the tack off this horse (both sides) and make him look like he does not have any on him. Need a box around him that does not show carriage or harness.

Can you do that?"

Well heck yes I can do that...but do I want to do that???

I opened the images...dang it! This is gonna take forever:/
Look at all the crap on this horse! Both sides!!! I immediately tossed the pics in the trash and ignored it.

Then Mom called. I told her this would take FOREVER...and that I'd have to recreate things that weren't even there...like eyes.

To which she said "I need them to register this horse with the AMHA. It's all the way down in Aurthur (three hours one way from her) with Amish trainers, and they can't take digital photos..."

OK...I don't even know how to respond to that. Amish people...Aurthur...I'll do it already:P

I know it isn't perfect...and Mom said I didn't have to take out the halter and reins (Thank goodness, 'cause that would have taken another hour!)

Yeah...so...I'm eagerly awaiting the next Mom project. (Kinda not really;) )

...aaaaand that's what happens when you know Photoshop.


  1. Miniature horses! Yayyyyyyyy! Where are the tennis shoes? LOL!

    (Great Photoshopping job BTW!)

  2. Awesome job!

    You're going to think I'm a little weird but I actually enjoying photoshop jobs like that. Time consuming and frustrating though they may be.

  3. I am just beginning to appreciate Photoshop .. it is time consuming though ! and makes my neck stiff :)

    You did good honey, that little horse looks mighty fine.


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