Get your run on...

The Chicago Marathon was this morning...right down my street. Every year, it's the kick in the pants to get me to run it next year. I had every intention of doing it this year, and the dang thing closed before I could sign up. I've got to be quicker on the draw next time.
First, the pace car along with a parade of other course cars come down the street...
Then the AMAZING lead pack. (mainly Kenyans) This year Moses Mosop set a new course record with 2:05:37. Not a world record...but pretty dad gum fast!
Then the lead woman...Liliya Shobukhova with a time of 2:20:25, becoming the first person to ever three peat. She ran what looked like an effortless race. (Am I running next year?)

...and then the kooks came out...
First Batman...
 ...and barefoot runner...(ouch!)
...then there was Minnie Mouse...(yes, in this case...Minnie is a man) dude...(there truly are no words for this not comfortable is it to run in orange paint?)
...followed by 45,000 (yes, that's 45 THOUSAND!) other runners.

The big question is...will I be one of them next year???


  1. too funny - I was listening to the radio the other day and the batman dude was on!!!

  2. You better be one of them next year! And I'll come out to watch. Maybe. :)


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