Problem child...

OK, not "problem", but I am having a heck of a time with Miss Peach. It's a weird deal.

As usual...I'll start at the beginning...She came home yesterday, with an "F" on her packet from school. An "F"! I wasn't so upset about the "F", but I did wonder what was the deal.

Often, I peak my head into her room at bedtime, and her nose is in a book. Keep in mind...she's 6 (first grade). I know I'm jumping all over the place...that's just my head these bear with me.

Anyways, I peaked my head in and she was reading Charlie and the Chocolate Factory. It's a big book...a chapter book, that I remember reading in fourth grade! I said, "what'cha reading sweetie?" to which see said, "oh I finished this book, now I'm going back and rereading the chapters I really liked."

OK smarty pants.

Here teachers have tested her completely off the charts on why is my child coming home with "F's" word...bored.

I asked her about it and she said..."I already know how to read, I don't know why I have to do assignments that teach me how to read:/" It's actually sound logic, but just because she's a smarty pants, doesn't mean she gets a pass on schoolwork.

It's hard, because she's reading at about a 5th grade level...but physically, and socially, she's a six year old girl.

I've spoken with her teacher, and we are all kind of working through this to find the best learning/engaging experience for her. I'm glad to have him on board and willing to work through what to do for her, with us...but I'm really not sure what direction this will take...but I know I want to help her on this path...

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  1. She's not challenged in school. Is it only reading? Probably not. She may need to be in accelerated classes - if not an accelerated school.

    She is, after all, yours. And you are brilliant.


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