Chapter 2

I didn't talk at all about retiring the stroller. I loved our stroller.

I can't even begin to guess how many miles we put on it. In a nutshell, we got a flat tire, one of many, fixed it at the bike store, and less than a week later...another flat tire:/

I knew the kiddos were too big for it. I had planned to run that thing into the ground...and. I. did. Kinda bummed me out to put it out by the dump, but it had done it's time. I wish there was a greener pasture we could retire it to...but alas...not.

Cut to this afternoon. I was going out for a run...and The Little Man bounded out of a nap and cried "I want to come with you Mommy!"

My initial thought was...plunk him in the stroller...let's go. Then stop. I no longer have a stroller:/


"Wanna ride your bike while Mommy runs?"

His little eyes lit up..."Can I do that Mommy?"

"Heck yes you can do that!"

Can I tell you how stunned I am at how grown up my Little Man is?

We did 3 miles together! Little Man rode down the road to the lakefront, all the way to the beach house, under Lake Shore Drive, and back through the park to our house.

My kiddos are no longer little's FREAKING me out:O

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  1. That is so sweet. I know its such a cliche... but these kids get so big, so fast.


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