I looked out my window tonight...

This is after I finally...(and I might be high fiving myself to early on this)...finally, got kiddos to bed. I'm blaming the weather on this. You know when it's 7:30, and it's still kinda light out, and kiddos are wired from school, and they don't. want. to. go. to. SLEEP.

They use every excuse under the sun..."I have to go to the bathroom.", "I need a drink of water.", "I need to tell you something.", "I lost my elephant."...whatever, go to bed:/

Last night, I made the rookie mistake of thinking they were in bed, asleep, because they were so quiet. Turns out, they were tearing my closet apart. Literally. They took every piece of jewelry, every piece of clothing, tore through my was a mess:/ Not Happy:(

I can't help but wonder of it's my fault. Is it my fault that raising my kiddos is like having wild raccoons in the house? Is it? I don't know...but is it:/

So, I think they are asleep, I think, and I come down the stairs to clean up a bit of the mess that once was a minimalist living room...and I look out the window, just in time, to see a woman on her bike, get hit by a car!

What the?!? She got hit, went down, got back up, picked up her bike and walked away.

The dude got out of his car, asked if she was OK, locked the door to his car, and walked away.

I wanted to yell out the window..."Is that all? Like...the least you could do is apologize...for running her over...sheesh!" I mean...I know it's not my business, but do you really need that parking space so badly that you are willing to run people over to get it?

I'm stunned:/


  1. Holy crap! If I got hit by a car, I would throw on at least a little drama, even if I wasn't hurt. I mean, COME ON, that's worth a little brouhaha!

    Sophie's new thing is to stall bedtime by saying she's scared. It kills me.

  2. Everyday occurance in China!

  3. I'm with @CaraBee. If I get hit by a car, I'm at least going to enjoy a minute or two of "WOAH IS ME!" drama.

  4. I'm with CaraBee and Burgh Baby, I would go for the Academy Award for Best Acting ... and you never know if by the time you get home, check yourself in the mirror, etc, you will find bruises and damage and then what fun is throwing a fit ? the audience left already !

    Yes... raising children is like having Wild Raccoons in the house. Accept it now and you will manage to live through it easier :)

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