Alien in the room

This is my living room...
 I know, there's stuff...kiddo stuff...pretty much all the time.
I like it, it's comfortable...and while kiddo stuff is's easy to pick up...and then it's really clean...which I like. What I don't stuff.

Enter this...
Yeah...its a baby grand piano...and it's BIG:/
It's a long story how this 100 year old piano ended up at my house...but here it is. It feels like there's an alien in the room. Like right's just sitting there...taking up space...looking at me...

Yes, Miss Peach wants to take piano lessons, which is great. I just wish the darn thing wasn't so dad gum big!


  1. But who needs toys when you have a piano? I WANNA PLAY!

  2. Given the choice between a 100 year old baby grand and an electronic 88 from Sony or Panasonic - gimme the big oldie anytime.

  3. BTW - your pictures are excellent. You're getting better all the time. :)

  4. Well, I just wrote a comment about how I have no doubt with your sharp sense of style the "alien" will be acclimated into your beautiful home in no time. But I couldn't get my comment posted and lost it, grrr. Getting a message that says "Your current account ( does not have access to view this page."

    Sheesh! I know I've been a lazy commenter of late, but really, did you have to lock me out! Just kidding (I hope, lol).

    Shana @ -- who needs a new header soon, btw

  5. We have a smaller piano, but it created the same decorating issues. Once you have a piano, you do need to rethink everything else. Our girls have taken piano lessons for a year and they would love the baby grand.


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