Project YUMway!

I heard about this candy store that had made dresses out of candy. Sounded yummy...and fun...SO, I grabbed my camera and  headed downtown to check it out...
It didn't surprise me that they were all in the window...which means glare:/ The bro has a special lens that corrects that...I don't know what it is...and I don't have it:P
I took pics anyway...Yes ladies and gentlemen...that is chewed gum on the matching "Jimmy Chew" shoes. Yeah...kinda yucky:P
This dress is actually kinda cute...and it's ALL Starburst wrappers!
This one comes with matching hat, shoes, and bag...and none of it has been previously chewed!
 I wonder...with my fashion design degree...could I come up with something clever like this?
I actually think I could...but what candy would I use???
Loving that they did bags and shoes to match!

Hmmm...what candy would I use...Oh...maybe an entire dress made with Smarties...kinda like candy sequins! Gonna whip that up with all that spare time I have laying around;P

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  1. Use Chewy Sprees and I'll write a check right now!!


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