Stupid boy

I don't know what it is about walking...

I find the only time I can get my kiddos to talk about their day, and what they're feeling, and what they on our walk home.

Typically, I pick Miss Peach up first, we walk home, then a couple hours later, we walk back and pick up The Little Man. (yes, it's a log of walking)

Today walking home in the frozen tundra...

Miss Peach: "Mommy, Oscar loves Gillian." (I noticed little Oscar on the first day of school, cute little blonde surprise he spells trouble for Miss Peach:/)

I said: "How does that make you feel?" (This is my stock response to just about everything. I think in the end it will drive my kiddos crazy. At least they'll know how to respond to that question when the therapist asks them;P)

Miss Peach: "I wish he loved me:("

My little Pixie is 5. Years. Old! There will be plenty of time for heartache and gone it, not now!

I stopped dead. in. my. tracks, got down to her eye level, and I said: "Miss Peach, you are a wonderful, fabulous little girl. Any boy who doesn't love you is a big ole bucket of crazy! I want you to promise me that you will not give this Oscar another thought. There will be plenty of boys who love you for the beautiful person you are, and any of them who don't, do not deserve one ounce of your attention."

Miss Peach: "It's OK Mommy, maybe a boy will be in love with me in second grade:)" (Since she's in Kindergarten, I'm not quite sure why she skipped the first grade love department?)(Stupid boy:/)


  1. shut. up.

    no ma'am.

    she is SO not allowed. She's only 2? right???!!!!! oy.

    Why do they keep growing up?????
    Great response, cyn

  2. It's always the blonds. Gotta watch them. Maybe "accidentally" sic Smokey on this Oscar kid?

  3. My kids only talk in the car. I love it when we try to get all serious and reassure them and they are like what's the big deal.

    So cute, totally Oscar's loss.

  4. It starts so young! And my kids talk in the van and there are 4 of them that all want to talk at the same time! Oy

  5. You can get a lot of talking done on a walk. I think it's a foot to brain thing.

  6. I'm borrowing your stock response. It's gotta be uber helpful in the teen years. And FYI - these boy problems never go away. Sorry.


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