Pile of snow?

Every time I pass one of these poor cars...I snap a picture on my cell phone...
Seriously, if it wasn't for the rear view mirror...you wouldn't even know it was a car.
The way I look at it...I'm allowed to chuckle...my stoopid car hasn't started since the Blizzard of Oz last week:/


  1. Oh my Lord. I like snow okay, but sometimes I am glad I live in WA where we don't get much.

  2. It blows my mind that they haven't been dug out yet. I know it was more snow that Chicago is used to, but still. It's not like you don't normally get snow!

  3. Dude. That is crazy. Then again, at least they still have their parking spot, eh??

  4. Pictures like these remind me of how grateful I am to live in Southern California! :)


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