Phone lust

The Bro and his lovely wife did some kiddo watching today. Thank goodness, 'cause I got a TON of work done. (...and drove the poor folks at the Cosi crazy by ordering one cup of tea and using their free wifi for 4 hours:-O)

Anyway...shortly after I started working at The Cosi, I started getting pics on my phone from the team playing at the zoo. You have no idea how many hours, no DAYS I have spent watching kiddos climb in this web maze. Yes my children look fuzzy. That's because they never. stop. moving.

That aside...I was drooling over the pictures The Bro was taking from his cell phone. Yes, he has The EVO. I'm all kinds of psyched anticipating the Verizon announcement that they will be getting the iphone. (I know...I'm such a HUGE dork.) Why am I so pumped about this when I isn't the best phone? Why do I all???

I know my Blackberry is weak. I know it's only a 3 mega pixel camera. Do I need the 5 mega pixel camera of the iphone? Do I need the 8 mega pixel camera that EVO has???

In a word...


OK, that was two words...


  1. LOL, I love the camera on my EVO. It rocks.

  2. I know nuthin about EVO's unless we are talking about Olive Oil, but I have been hankering over getting a phone/camera for a while now.
    I might have to wait til I am back in the US though ..
    The kidlets look like they are having so much fun !

  3. I have a Samsung Mesmerize (we have US Cellular - funny ... I don't know how you're supposed to write that out - it doesn't look right.) It has a 5 mpix camera. It is so much fun. And it takes FANTASTIC videos. Not only THAT - I have 4 different camera applications in the phone - each camera specialized for different functionality. It is SO cool.


    The camera functionality of smartphones is making a serious dent in Point-and-Shoot camera sales. And well it should. P&S cameras are useless. Mostly. If they had true camera capability - like a MANUAL mode, for example - it might not be so bad for them - but they are no better than camera phones - so WHY BUY ONE?

  4. I recently got the Droid X. I love it! So I completely understand. :)

  5. That maze looks super fun...does it have a weight/age limit?


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