Vincent Van Peach?

OK, I am TOTALLY stunned!

I took my eye off my daughter's coloring for what seemed like a moment. Now look at her...LOOK at her!

She is totally rocking staying in the lines. Not that I am one to encourage coloring in the lines, but still...

I'm just amazed at how far her artistic abilities have come...and I had to share it with you;)


  1. Wow, that is really good! And she even drew the numbers inside the clock.

  2. If this only happens when you look away, it's possible she is hiding her artistic genius from you.

    Be suspicious, very very suspicious.

  3. I definitely need a purple mantle clock. Very chic! Nice job, Peach.

  4. She colors better than I do. Nicely done!

  5. Like Mother like Daughter .... enjoy it now, she won't always stay within the lines :)

  6. Coloring in the lines is impressive, but I'm with CM, check out those numbers on the clock too. Vincent Van Brainy Peach.


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