Slacker Christmas

I am so not a Christmas person...but...not only do I have a tree, it's also decorated!

This is quite a feat for me, since usually I don't get the tree until Christmas eve. I know...I'm a total slacker:/

This year...kiddos would not stop jumping, no leaping around me chanting...

"Can we get a tree Mom? Can we? Can we? Can we get a tree? Can we? Can we get a tree????"

"YES...we can get the stop leaping..."

What? At least I didn't follow it up with a Bah Humbug. I suppose I should do some shopping next:/


  1. Excellent tree, you slacker, you !
    The shopping part is easy. Especially if you have Little Ones... it is the Big Ones that are a Pain in the Arse.
    Ho Ho Ho !!

  2. It takes me until the week before Christmas before I finally get some holiday cheer...the older I get, the more it just seems like a lot of work. How's that for bah humbug ;)

  3. Sit in your flannel jammies and fuzzy socks with a mug of hot chocolate and shop on Amazon. You'll be done with your shopping in no time. A Christmas miracle indeed.

  4. The tree looks lovely. I love Christmas, but will admit that I'm ready to take it down on New Year's Day.

    I did nearly all my shopping online this year. It makes my Christmas merrier if I don't have to go into a mall. The problem is you do have to plan and start early or the express shipping charges will kill you.

  5. It's beautiful! And you are hardly a slacker. I love Christmas, but not all the stress it brings. There's something to be said about keeping the crazy in perspective.


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