Game changer

I sat in the preschool parent teacher conference, and listened to Miss Andrea tell me all of the things I already know about my sweet Little Man.

"He's very shy, and introverted."

"He's more comfortable when adults are not around."

"It's very hard to get him to do something when he has decided he doesn't want to do it."
This was nothing new to me.

My Little Man has always been a comfort zone guy. It takes him a while to warm up to new surroundings. A month and a half into preschool, these were still new surroundings to him.

"We have the whole rest of the school year to work with him...and I'm very optimistic...

I think two years in the same classroom, with the same teacher will do him worlds of good."


Did she just say "two years in the same classroom"???

What does she mean by that?

"He'll be coming back next year...won't he?"

I said..."No, he'll be in kindergarten"

To which she said..."When does he turn 5?"

OMG...My Little Man misses the kindergarten mark by 5 weeks!!! He won't be a year behind his sister...which I've thought he would be for the last. 4. years. He will be two years behind his sister.

Why had this never crossed my mind? Why did I not know the kindergarten cut off date? I filled out all the paper work for kindergarten, submitted it, and no one said a thing.

I know in the long run...this will be better for him. He's still very young...and I know boys develop slower than girls...but still.

There are now two years between The Little Man and Miss Peach...I'm still wrapping my head around that...


  1. Wow! But I think it was immensely helpful for my sister and I to be 2 years apart school-wise, especially for her, the shyer one. Not shy... shyer. Lol. She was more comfortable with adults, too. She had a chance to be herself. We're 19 mos. apart.

  2. My daughter was the Intrepid Explorer (still is) who took all her friends "out to lunch" when she was in First Grade. My son was too bright so he began school too early, everyone in his class was always a year / 2 older and it was always harder on him, socially.
    He was always the little kid, .. so this is good for the Little Man .. let him adjust and be comfortable, forget about ages and Miss Peach .. this is where the two of them go in different directions and different worlds.

  3. This really will be a good thin, especially for a boy. Don't fret it will be a nice breather when you're sending in those Northwestern tuition payments ;)

  4. He is sooo cute! We kept our son back a year in 3 year old kindergarten (not because of birthday, just because we felt he needed a little extra time to develop) and he has just blossomed. It will be a good thing, but I can totally understand your feelings.

  5. It's a really good thing, promise!!!

    Monkey is in the same place. He'll do one more year of pre-school, too.

    His birthday is 9/20. Being in the school system/around it for so long. It's soo beneficial for kids to NOT be the youngest (in most cases) and to not push it... especially with boys ;-)

  6. I held my son back on purpose - he was two weeks shy - he is now, as a 2nd grader, much more confident.

  7. As a former kindergarten teacher, I assure you this will be good for Little Man. I've never heard a parent say they regretted that "extra" year for their child to get ready for school, but I've often heard parents say they wish they had held their kids back.

    My daughter misses the cut off by 2 weeks and though she seems ready for kindergarten in many ways, this year has been great for her. It's best not to rush kids into school...

  8. Love Love Love the photos! Don't worry about him being 2 years behind it will all be fine!

  9. this is what I heard - "she's very reserved and quiet" "she sits out the outskirts of everything and watches and does not participate" "its hard for her to make decisions on her own". "But she is VERY intelligent"

    I knew all this as well - she's going to Kinder next year though - even if the teacher requested she stay back, I would send her anyway. (she makes the cut off)


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