Yeah...so, the party I wanted to go to was Saturday night.

I didn't go=/  


Lil' bit.
Halloween is by far my favorite holiday. It's just fun...ya know?
No pressure to see anyone or do anything but get dressed up (as whatever you want) and let your freak flag fly;)
No traveling...No family reunions. Seriously, how can you not get behind costumes and candy?
I noticed a GIANT SPIDER theme in the 'hood this year. Gotta tell you...they kinda freaked me out=O

I'm taking the kiddos trick or treating tonight...Think I'm gonna dress up like a pirate wench...

GAR...Happy Halloween!!!


  1. I realize I am deeply disturbed but I have to admit that those spiders in those webs bother me.

    I am sorry you are not going to that big wonderful house where you know the owners dress up and are very cool, but trick or treating with the munchkins is pretty cool too ... especially one day, when you look back and remember it all :)

  2. I've been reading your blog for long enough to know how much you enjoy that party, and I wish you could have gone.
    But I HATE THAT HOUSE right now. I wouldn't want to drive by, walk by, or have to go IN it. I wish I hadn't seen the pictures, even. I have a true phobia of spiders.
    And I despise Halloween altogether. lol I had a great night at home. The kids played games upstairs, the teens watched Gladiator, and I played my games on my computer. It was exactly how we always spend a Sunday night. Peaceful!

  3. Ew Spiders...

    I wanna see a pic of the kiddies dressed up! :)

  4. AWWWWWW Cyn :-( boo.
    I"m so sorry you didn't get to go.

    Side note.. yay pics! new camera!

    Boo :-( miss you


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