Risky business

We were in a cheesy store on N. Clark St. and The Little Man had to have these red sunglasses. Makes me think about Risky Business every time he wears them.

Just take those old records off the shelf...
I sit and listen to them by myself...
That kind of music ain't got the same soul...
I like that old time rock n roll.

"Mommy, please stop singing. You're scaring me..."

OK, so maybe my singing isn't the greatest...but scary...c'mon!?!


  1. Ok, so we were literally around the corner from your house on Saturday night and had 45 minutes till we could sit down at the restaurant but you weren't there! I am just impressed that I remembered where you live. We waved at your darkened windows in a totally non-stalkerish type of way and then went and had delicious pizza without you. :(

  2. I'm sure you have a super lovely voice! Cute picture!

  3. Is there any time more fun than bath time ? at least when you are a little munchkin ?
    He looks so very adorable in red sunglasses !

  4. That is just about the cutest pic I have ever seen. I totally know you were rockin' it out over bathtime too b/c you are that kind of a gal...in a good way. ;)

  5. Ah, bathtime. Always a fun time - well, after they get to the point where they have FUN, it's enjoyable. That little period of time where having a bath becomes an exercise in terror kind of leaves a lasting impression that's difficult to get beyond in one's mind. I used to tell my boys if they gave me ONE MORE PROBLEM taking baths I was going to tie them to the bumper and go through a car wash.

  6. Oh funny! I don't believe your singing is scary. My children all freak out if I try to sing. One tries to cover my mouth while the others yell, "STOP!"

  7. Tsk! Tsk! Everyone's a critic! Ha!

    Little Man does look super adorable!


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