Cute...but monster

I have created a monster.

By now you know I've gone to a few conferences this summer. What I never told you was that I always to to the Benefit Bar and have my eyelashes and brows done before I go.*

It's my little treat to myself, and it makes me feel fierce!

Well, last time I went, I foolishly brought Miss Peach with me. (Seriously, what the heck was I thinking bringing Miss Girly Girl to the mother ship like that???)
 Look at this girl! "Mommy...I'm home!"
I kid you not...the ladies at the boutique wanted to hire her by the time my lashes were done. They dressed her up, she was talking to one point, I actually heard her say..."You simply must buy that lip gloss, it looks fabulous on you!"

Who is that girl???

"Mommy...can we come back here every day?"
"Ummm...Mommy can't afford to come back here every day:/"

*No this is not a sponsored post...I'm just addicted to the Benifit Bar.


  1. That sounds SO like her. You must have had a slight mental lapse to bring her there!

  2. LOLOL @ You simply MUST by that lip gloss!! I LOVE IT! I've been a girly girl my whole life, too. Requesting make-up for Christmas since kindergarten I believe (and denied every year). LOL

  3. She'll be recording her "hauls" for YouTube in no time, at this rate! She would be a viral sensation. :)

  4. She is so adorable.. be careful, she is only going to get more adorable as the years go by... then she will be dragging you with her to the Benefits Bar where you will sit on the stool and watch her shop for make-up .. :)

  5. i don't know why it cracked me up that you said it makes you feel fierce. it did tho.

  6. That is too cute....she will be a mogul soon!!

  7. LOVE it! She can get you a good discount if she started working there. There are just those silly child labor laws in the way.


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