A Dia

This is the last week before both kiddos are in school...and I'm exhausted!

We have gone to parks...the zoo...the beach...museums...fountains...and a 30 foot friggin' eyeball! I. Am. Tired:P

Today, it was raining and all I wanted was to take the kiddos to the health club so they could play with other kiddos, and I could get a swim in...

Why does no one want to wear shoes? Why do shoes have to be such a battle? Gah...I hate (and we don't use that word in the house) but I HATE the shoe battle! We are in the city...not wearing shoes is Not. An. Option.

Miss Peach: "I don't want to wear my shoes...they're wet:/" (Shoes in question are Crocs...and totally dry)

Me: "I don't care what shoes you wear...but you are wearing shoes."

Miss Peach: "I only want to wear Crocky's, and they're wet:/"

Me: (stomping upstairs to dry off the DRY Crocs, and mumbling under my breath) "You are being such a Diva:/"

Miss Peach & Little Man: "Mommy, you are the Dia!" "Mommy is a Dia!" "Mommy, Mommy, Mommy...Dia, Dia, Dia!" (all the way to the health club)

OK...first off kiddos...it's Diva, not Dia...and second...Mommy is NOT a Diva!

When does school start???


  1. Lol. And if I was a dia, I'd be the QUEEN DIA!! RECOGNIZE, CHILDREN. Lolol. Why are you running yourself ragged before they go to school? Why now?

  2. You should totally turn on that whole Diva thing - just for their benefit - so they know one when they see one. And perhaps the experience will mollify them a bit.

  3. We have the same conversation about appropriate shoes. The girls always want to wear the wrong shoes for the season.


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