Watery Eye

With one week left until both kiddos are in school, I felt like I should take them downtown and enjoy some urban living. Have you heard about this giant eye on display in the South Loop until Oct. 30?
The kiddos had a blast with this. Thank goodness they couldn't push it over. Can you imagine a 30 foot eyeball rolling down State Street? Actually...that would make a great blog post...
After they got bored trying to push the eyeball around...I marched them down the street to the fountains in front of The Art Institute. SO fun, Batman! (Boy do kiddos not like to march:/)
It really amazes how much you can do in Chicago with a bus ticket...

We had a GREAT day, and all I spent was $4.50!


  1. Does the eye wear sunglasses at night?

  2. Fantastic !
    Imagine the size of that bottle of Visine! snicker ....

  3. We were in Chicago two weeks ago (and now I want to move there...yet never have to travel during work hours because dear heaven, I'd have to quit drinking liquids five hours before quitting time so as to make it home without bursting with that stop and go traffic!), and I wish we'd known about the eyeball! We were RIGHT THERE (well, right near there - we were at the fountain and all)! My kids would have loved that!

  4. That thing is creepy cool. Yay for cheap, fun days!

  5. Crazy cool eyeball and fountain. The scale is fun to see in the first and third photos -- SO BIG/so little.

  6. That eye is both amazing and yet kinda creepy!! What a fun way to celebrate end of summer with your kiddos!!


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