#47 Vermeer

Daily Chuck...

Can you tell how thrilled my cat is with me? Truth be told Heather I never bought maternity underwear...and if I did, I certainly wouldn't still have it to put on Mr. Smokey's head:/

I'll take this time to tell you that The Little Man, after being bribed with truck/tractor underwear, has successfully left diapers behind for big boy underwear...

and there was much rejoicing...yay!!!!!*

*Name the movie for bonus points;)


  1. Yay Little Man! and for the bonus points....Monty Python and the Holy Grail.

  2. Underwear on the head is what you do.

    (And good on the no diapers!)

  3. I almost sprayed the computer with tea ... that poor cat LOL ... thank you for the laughs... Yes, I agree with megryansmom .. Monty Python !


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