Mommy Gets an A+

I don't know who dialed us back to winter in Chicago. I really don't, and I'm not happy about it. Thanks to this miserable temperature jerk, I have a head cold and laryngitis...again:(

As all us mommies know, just 'cause you're sick...doesn't mean you get to take a break:/ Even though it was a cold and rainy day, and even though mommy felt sicketty sick sick sick, The Little Man and I went out to do a little bike riding. Right now, he's practicing on his sisters bike...but he has informed me that a proper bike for him is anything with Spider Man on it (note to Little Man a Spider Man bicycle).

Look at how happy my Little Man is on that bike...I say for going out when I feel like my head is in a vice...Mommy gets an A+:)


  1. Okay. A+. That's automatic.

    Do you want to talk about that picture?

  2. Straight up, I am at a place where I am very frustrated with learning this camera. It's a flat gray day in that shot, and I don't know what to do with that. Seems if I don't have an ideal lighting situation, I don't know how to compensate for it. Should I be trying to make the camera look as if it's sunny, or that there is a lot of natural light? I don't know.

    Someone mentioned something about a white setting...I have yet to find that. Seems if I kick up the ISO, I end up with a grainy shot...which I really don't like.

    Right now...the camera is winning:/

  3. There ABSOLUTELY must be something in the air. It's the same damned thing here in upstate NY...I'm still getting used to the weather and area (we moved here in late December from Maine) and here we were, sitting out on the deck overlooking the lake, with bright sunny 75F days and then bam! Winter busted it's way back into our happy spring and is freezing us to death! It was 25F last night!!!!! And on top of that, I have a sinus cold from hell and only just now got my voice back! Oiy!

    Yeah, messing with the ISO on gray days is going to net you grainy yucky results. You can play with the saturation in post-processing or adjust your white balance pre-shot. It's easier to correct id you're shooting in RAW (which I am just now starting to do more often. Actually I shoot in RAW and JPG and it takes up SO MUCH SPACE on the flash card!) and you can correct that to some degree once you convert and process the image.

    The thing about gray days is that it's easy to blow your whites out if you don't compensate beforehand, but knowing just how much to adjust the white balance can be a PITA! Well at least it is for me anyhow.

    What lens were you using and what were your settings with that shot?

    Oh and definitely an A++++ for mommy! That smile on his face says it all!

  4. It took me a minute, but he's riding in front of the Lincoln Park Conservatory, right? He is soooo cute.

  5. What a grin! They say the weather will improve in the next few days. Hope you're feeling better!

  6. This weather? Is insane. Not loving it at all.

    Seriously, though, you totally rock for taking him out when you were sick. You made your little man happy. And that is huge.

    I'm with Audrey. Find the white balance (I can't remember what kind of camera you have but mine has a button just for WB) and shoot in RAW. You can make more dramatic adjustments to RAW photos.

  7. I thought winter would never end in Florida and Georgia. I can't imagine what you're going through. A+ for taking your son bike riding while sick and another one for living in Chicago!

  8. Nice work, mom. Your Little Man is lucky to have you :) Stopping by from SITS.

  9. Saw you mentioned on SITS. Little Man is adorable!

    God Bless!


  10. we have this and my kids loved it. It really helped them in balancing and now they both can ride a bike!It is amazing how we change our minds about so much when we become parents. I have to laugh at my old self with bike.


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