Last LOST Ever!

 Last. *gasp* LOST. *sob* EVER!!! *hyperventilating*

Uhhhh....pardon me for a moment...I'm getting*deep cleansing breath*

Whew...OK, I get what's going on on the island...kinda. I get that Not John Locke can't kill Jacob/Jack/wall people. I get that Ben (total dick) is now Not John Locke's hit man (I just want to slap him) I don't get Desmond's roll in all this (other than to be totally me some Desmond brotha)

What's the deal with off the island land? Desmond is on some other level. He's got it all put together...and I have no idea what it is:/ Is he getting the band back together so they can go back to the island? What happens when on the island people come face to face with themselves? Will it be like when relationship George ran into friend George...worlds colliding? Will it rain donuts???

My head hurts...I have goosebumps...the shakes...and I want to cry...

Hold me 'til the storm passes...*rocking quietly in the corner*

*I have no idea how they are going to end it...but my prediction is with Jack and Not John Locke on the beach playing the game with the stones....leaving it ripe for a movie:/ #tvcan'tendanything


  1. Who wants an orange whip? Orange whip? Orange whip? Three orange whips

  2. I did not love tonights show. For a second to last episode, it was kinda blah. The only big reveal was that Jack is "the one." Maybe in the context of the finale, it will make sense, but it felt like a stopgap. Like they have the big ending planned and they needed to fill an hour. But yeah, as always, head spinning.

  3. We all have to watch Jimmy Kimmle afterwards to see the alternate endings!

  4. I have delayed the ending by missing this entire season after the first two or three. Haha. I did watch tonight's though, which was more confusing than ever. Man, I can see a snip of The Young & the Restless every ten years and still catch up. (But then most shows don't have story arcs that fill an entire decade like they do!)

  5. I have no idea what the crap is going on.

    But I still love the show.

    Can't wait till Sunday.

  6. We just bought the first season of Lost and started watching it over the weekend and I am HOOKED!!!!

  7. Although I don't watch LOST, I feel your pain, my friend. I wrote a post about this on my blog yesterday, and it's sort of like a support group for you/us. Come on over for your free hug! :)

  8. The big question is what do we all do after Lost is over? We've been having friends over to watch this final season and after next week we need a new reason to have them over.

    BTW, Jack and Not Locke on the beach would be a good way to go out.

  9. Yours sounds like a better ending than mine -- where it ends in the loon asylum with Curly sitting there whle doctors discus his multiple personality disorder. No? It could work! =)

  10. I had to watch it on Hulu since SOMEBODY deleted the damn recording.

    Liked it, but I'm kind of ready to be done with the whole twist after twist thing.

  11. Okay, so I had half the season figured out last season when I linked it to a Bible story. (Go me.) I can't understand the "off island" story line but I do remember Desmond figuring it all out when Charlie made them drown in the car.

    I think Jack as "the one" was totally bogus. I mean, no one else ever even said anything. Dude the Sawyer I know would've been all over that. But I guess it's always been a Jack against Locke thing. Sigh. Predictable.

    2.5 hour finale. Might as well be a movie.


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