#15 Cupcakes!

Daily Chuck

OK, this was an indoor shot, and you know I live in The Bat Cave. SO, I took a lesson from you all and cranked up the ISO a bit (1000)

I used the macro setting on the lens, with the F-stop set at 4.5.

My focus was the bottom right corner of the boot.

Fwiw, Smokey is sitting right next to me as I type. I just now reached over and petted him until he purred. I think he's forgiven me for putting a boot on his head;)

*I know I missed #14 (I will make it up) I can't get either one of the kiddos to sit down next to Smokey for the shot. What's up with the kiddos? Smokey doesn't smell...much. Sit down and pet the dang cat for the Smokey/Chuck already:/


  1. My kids would be all over petting your cat. Then your kids could pet my dogs. It would be a fun little exchange.

  2. "My focus was the bottom right corner of the boot."


  3. How funny is it that you figured out how to get sunglasses to hang in mid-air, but you can't get either one of your kids to sit with the cat for two seconds?

  4. Lceel, I thought Dooce's focus was on the boot, and not Chuck.

    I try to set up the shot, get the camera ready, then I go for it live. Smokey doesn't give me much time. For this, I wish I had the focus just a bit higher, but sometimes I have to take what I can get.

    Either way, I'm learning:)

  5. Hehe, no Pink boots eh? I think we have the same ones btw, Old Navy?

    BTW, your focus looks nice and sharp, good job! Now go give Smokey some snacks!

  6. LOLOL!! Somebody's gonna report you to PETA!!

  7. Oh, how I've missed the Smokey chronicles! Hope there was catnip down in that boot heel somewhere ...


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