#10 Early Morning Light

Daily Chuck...

Can you tell Smokey is exhausted from his last shoot? Hardest working cat in showbiz, that's what I say;)

Funny story about my camera (when I say funny, I mean sad) I'm out shooting pictures, and it starts flashing "full" at me. Well that can't be right, I've only shot 22 pictures...

I stop shooting, go home, and load up to the Mac. Well, this morning I set up my scene to shoot Smokes, only the camera continues to flash "full" at me...only there's nothing on the card:/

I'm all kinds of p*ssed off...convinced the camera is mad at me for having the nerve to learn how to use it. (Yes, I have conversations with my camera...I think I'm naming her Bonnie...Can you tell I spend too much time alone?)

I call The Bro, who is "too busy to talk to me"...and I feel unimportant:P

In the end I ask my best pal Google. He tells me that when you empty your pictures off the card, they aren't actually erased. Who knew? (not me) You actually have to "format" the memory card to erase the images.

So, you can thank me for telling you something you probably already knew;)


  1. Now that you mention it, the teacher did say that in the class I took but I completely forgot about it so thanks for the reminder!!

  2. I did not know that at all. Thanks for the heads up!

  3. You have a beautiful cat..

    Yeah I did know.. :)

  4. I didn't know! Now next lesson, how do you format the card? In the camera, in the computer? Ask handsome Mr Google for me wouldja.

  5. I've done that before too, turned out I had 100s of photos cached on the memory card. So much easier to fill it up now that I know how to empty it after downloading.

  6. That is definitely my favorite picture so far.

    I use Picasa; they have a convenient wipe the card after importing feature that I always use. Keeps me from having incriminating evidence, er extraneous photos, just taking up space.

  7. Early morning light rules. Nice pic Cyn and Bonnie. You guys are getting to be quite the team.

    P.S. I owe you a text, email or phone call. Like today. :-)

  8. Love the casually draped paw. And I bet he's dreaming sweet dreams of all the ways he can destroy that Hello Kitty jacket. =>


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