To Run, or Not to Run

That is the question.

I don't know what it is in me that makes me toy with the idea of running a marathon every spring. I really don't:/

It's six months of hard work, six months of piling on the miles, six months of lifting, six months of cross training, six months of paying attention to what I eat, six months of honing a pre race routine...

Here's what I kinda want to do...I'm thinking about getting a group of my runner girls together, and doing the weekend long runs together. I want to bypass the fast runner group this year. For all the work I did with them, I don't feel like I actually gained anything from them. I put in the work...I don't need them to do that.

There is a guy who, for me, is kind of an urban legend. He's this mythological coach who trains out of his own place just a bit west of me. One of my runner gals has trained with him, and LOVES him. I'm thinking we could do once a week with the running God, and he can tell us what our long runs will be, and we can do them on our own. All of us have run marathons before, and we all know what we're in for. What we really need is someone to pay attention to our needs. I did not get that from the fast group. I felt like I was always alone in that group:/

Is that a crazy idea? Sounds I'm leaning that girls going it with the Running God once a week and taking the long runs in our little pack.

Just. Might. Run. Chicago.


  1. I am loving the idea of you with a running god, because in my mind I think of you as a running goddess. It just seems like a really good fit. Go for it!

  2. You could call yourselves the Running Godettes. Sort of like the Jersey Shore Guidettes, only with more spandex (possibly) and less spray-on tan.

  3. I really wish I could run. I'm a little big jealous :-) Rooting you on from NJ!

  4. I really admire those with the dedication and discipline to run a marathon.

    You go girl!!

  5. Darn if only I were closer I could be a part of the girls running club. However I would be the one in the very back pulling up the rear. Since I have been bitten by the runners bug I say go for it! My trainer lives in FL and me in VA and it seems to work.

  6. Do it!!

    I'm running a half marathon this fall. I know, I can't believe it either. I have a couple of friends I'm doing it with. They aren't runners either. Should be interesting.

  7. Do IT. Do IT. Do IT. I am living vicariously through you...

  8. I wish I could find a local running God. I am going to shoot for a half-mar in July, but I am not rejoining the running group. I'm going to try to go it alone.


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