Girl Knows What She Wants

Me: "Miss Peach, you were a big crabcake when Mommy took you to school this morning. You said you didn't want to go, and you yelled and were mean to Mommy."

"Then, when Mommy picked you up from school, you were a big crabcake, and you said you didn't want to leave school, and you yelled and were mean to Mommy."

"Mommy feels like she can't win here."

Miss Peach: "Win what?"

Me: "Mommy can't win the Make Miss Peach happy game."

Miss Peach: "Mommy, (looking very seriously at me) there is only one way to make me happy."

Me: "What's that?"

Miss Peach: "You work very hard, and make lots of money, and take me to the Bibbidi Bobbidi Boutique:)"

....aaaaand scene;)

*Grandma...I know what her birthday present is...


  1. That kid cracks me up!

    Also, loving "crabcake"! I will be appropriating that for use chez Bean.

  2. Oh, boy. My daughter must never know of this. Please, I beg! =>

  3. She's adorable!! Really, she is!! LOL

    PS I've tagged, challenged and memed you over on my blog. =)

  4. She's a woman with a made-up mind. You are in BIG trouble.

  5. Well start illustrating, mama, cause Miss Peach has a plan!

  6. You have to admire a little girl who knows her mind!

    (totally going to inject 'crabcake' into my vocabulary now, btw...)

  7. She totally knows what she wants!

    And I am totally stealing "crabcake"

  8. HA!

    You're screwed and I love it.

    (says the girl in the same boat)


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