And the Award Goes To...

I'm sitting here watching The Oscars. I made my big ole mess of nachos (I do that every year for The Super Bowl, and The Oscars), I had my glass of wine, and now I'm watching a bunch of movies I did not see get awards.

Seriously though, the only real reason I watch is to see what everyone is wearing. Gotta say, I wasn't feeling a lot of dresses this year:/ Seemed strapless was a big trend. I found it surprising how many actresses had really bad posture (Miley Cyrus). Stand up straight already!
Hands down, Demi Moore was my best dressed. That is how a strapless gown should fit. Talk about flawless. Wow...just stunning:O
Gots to give some best dressed honorable mention to Elizabeth Banks. Wow was this dress a winner! I would totally wear this (like I'm on my way to a formal event any time soon...not:P)
Gonna get right down to the dirt. Poor Charlize Theron is going to be at the top of every worst dressed list.

*note to self...never wear cinnamon buns on boobs...m'kay?*

I mean...good Lord! What was her stylist thinking?!"

She must've lost a bet...right?
I hate saying this. You know I love me some SJP. You know I do. No matter how much I tried...I could not love this get up:P

My girl has a smokin' hot bod...and this dress...there was something incredibly awkward about it:/ What's with the silver flower on her butt?

Wanted to love it...Just. Didn't. Get. It:P

Did you watch? What'd you think?


  1. That's funny because I was wondering what happened to SJP's hair when she was presenting. I agree with you on all these!

  2. I actually like SJP's dress.

    I liked Demi's dress too!

  3. Penelope. She always stuns.

    PS: Your cinnamon bun comment made me snort Dr. Pepper out my nose.

  4. Confession. I couldn't take the over-scripted presenting/hosting, so I turned it off halfway through and went grocery shopping. My reward? I was the only one at the store who was not working there. The whole store all to myself!

    When I was watching, I noticed there was a lot of mussed up hair. Frizz, fly-aways, and flops. What was up with that?

    By the way, I think Tom Ford is delicious! I wouldn't mind mussing him up. Yow!

  5. I didnt see all the red carpet but my daughter and I enjoyed discussing what I did see.
    Demi looked great and Charlize's dress was odd, seemed to me if the "buns" met in the middle and looked more like a bodice or if they were the same color as the dress it would have looked better.

    I love the confidence the Precious actress showed in her dress, she said she felt like she was in a fantasy.

    Matt Damon and Justin Bateman win my most handsome awards..

  6. Forgot to mention as for SJPs hair, my daughter thought it would look better if it was the same color as her real hair.. the dress...odd

  7. *note to self...never wear cinnamon buns on boobs...m'kay?*

    I'm going to try to remember that tip because typically I'd follow a cinnamon bun anywhere.

  8. Did you know that all the stylists are saying they LOVED SJP's dress? I was really surprised. And yes, I LOVED Demi's dress. The best of the night. I also liked Sandra Bullock's dress. V pretty. :)

  9. I LOVED SJP's dress. I loved the color, the neckline, everything. Her hair and make-up were a giant fail, unfortunately.

    Charlieze, wow. It was not good.

    I loved Demi too - so perfect. Sandra Bullock - LOVED that gown. Gorgeous. Helen Mirren - as always - stunning. If I could look like that when I'm her age...

    Zoe Saldana - loved the purple gown. Kristin Twilight chick - I think my dog is a better actor but her gown was really pretty.

    Meryl Streep's gown was gorgeous and it suited her perfectly. Kate Winslet's gown I would wear in a heartbeat. Loved it.

    Lots of greys, which I know are in this spring and I'm ok with that I guess, but it made the Oscars lack color. Also nearly all the gowns were things I actually could wear - not much was over the top in glamour or risk.

  10. Can we talk about how wildly age-inappropriate Miley's dress was? No 16 year-old should have such a low-cut strapless dress! Demi did look gorgeous and I also liked Elizabeth Banks' dress. I wondered if Vera Farmiga was irked at Penelope Cruz for wearing such a similar dress. Vera was the Oscar nominee after all. What was with Zoe Saldana's purple puffball train? I thought that one was a stink fest. It didn't drape well once she was standing still.

  11. It looks like SJP is wearing a silky bag.

  12. Couldn't agree more with everything you wrote there. Yeah, the placement of the old flowers on Charlize's dress were a bit ... erm .. unfortunate. SJP really over did it on the spray tanning didn't she? And, all night, my friends and I were telling the stars to stand up straight! But, I can relate coz I'm a sloucher too. LOL

  13. I never got a shot at Charlize's dress until seeing this picture. I'd seen Tweets about it while trying to stay awake watching last night's show, and I have to agree. That thing is kind of tragic. I love Elizabeth Bank's dress.

  14. I seriously think Demi made a pact with the devil. She is 47! how is that possible? I don't look that good at 36. Sigh.

    Anyway, SJP. The eye make-up. Not good. Not good at all.

    I love the dresses with the feathery/ruffley bottoms. So feminine and glam.

    The awards themself, though? Snooze. Except for Sandra Bullock's speech. I totally want her at my next block party. And to be my best friend.

  15. LOVE LOVE LOVE Demi Moore's dress. LOVE.

    And WHAT was up with SJP and Charlize? I mean, HUH? do they not have mirrors?

    Any-WHO. I loved Sandra Bullock too.

  16. Does Demi ever look bad? I also loved Sandra, but the more I look at Demi the more she is starting to win me over. Look at me using their first names like I actually know them or something.

  17. I thought Sandra Bullock looked like she was ready to win. Stunning and classic.
    SJP? Everything was wrong...the dress, the tan, the makeup. Just awful.


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