The Show So Far...

I am sitting here, on a Friday night, watching ice dancing...

Ice dancing y'all! (Since I spent my weekend in Nashville at Blissdom, I reserve the right to use y'all, any time I darn well want.)

Bottom line, I will watch it all....speed skating, cross country skiing, name it, I'll watch it.

Now then, if you been lurking around my comments lately, you will notice a certain "anonymous" commenter b*tching and moaning about how I have not been blogging the Olympics. Shocker...this person is The Bro...who is actually working the Olympics:O In order to satisfy my annoying anonymous commenting Bro...I give you...The my humble opinion...

Oddly enough, I have a tie for best moment. I know...a tie!

Best...did you see Shaun White win his gold?Three words...AH. MAY. ZING!!! Dude was amazing! I lurveity, love, love, love that he took it to a whole 'nother level. He so didn't have to being that he already had the gold. ROCK STAR!

Second Best...Oh. My. Evan. Lysaceck! Could I have rooted for someone more?
He had all the pressure in the world on him...and he had to skate first:O

He. NAILED IT! (said in my best opera voice)

Other highlights for me...How could I not love watching Bode Miller? I just root for that guy all the time. So far, his Bronze and Silver medals just plain make me smile:) Go Bode!

Who else did I love? Two words...Johnny Weir. Even though he didn't medal, (and I really wanted him to) he skated two almost flawless programs. I love this guy. If you haven't seen him skate to Poker Face, go watch it now, it is my treat to you...So. Much. Fun!

"If you were to compete in the Winter Olympics, what sport would it be in?"

I posed this question to Husband. He said "cross country skiing"...BORING. (Again in opera voice...Did you not know I highlight in opera did you not know that?)

My sport...freestyle moguls. It's just so dang cool:) This means I can not end a My Olympics So Far post without mentioning the first American gold medal of the games...Miss Hannah Kearney. All the buzz was around the Canadian girl, Jennifer Heil. Out of the gates game Hannah K.

Did you see it? Wasn't it awesome? now I gotta get back to my ice dancing compulsories...

Yes, I will watch anything when it comes to the Olympics...ANYTHING;)

You watching?


  1. I stayed up way past my bedtime watching the mens figure skating. I didn't want to wake up anybody with my cheering, but it was one of those quiet screams. Is it wrong that I was praying the Russian guy would fall, or something? I didn't like him. I'm glad he didn't get the gold.

  2. I get heart palpitations and sweaty palms watching the Olympics. So, I have to wait until I already know who won and who fell and who came from behind before I can watch. That's terrible, isn't it?

  3. hi NP, I would be a skier too, probably a down hiller, moguls are cool too. For team sports I'd play hockey. As for husband, XC skiing may be boring but it's bad ass, like running a marathon, right? janet

  4. I would like to learn how to curl.. that looks about my speed.

  5. I've watched a lot - and I haven't seen any CURLING yet. Why is there no curling in prime time?

  6. good good good!!! btw, SERIOUSLY, Curling is the hardest ticket to get here, and I say that with two hockey games under my belt, tickets to finals for 1500 m with Shauni Davis, and ticktes in hand for USA v Canada Men's Hockey on Sunday. BUT NO CURLING! seriously!

  7. and BTW Lindsey Vonn ROCKS

  8. I'm watching, it's been awesome! I only wish we had cable so I could watch more, like curling!

  9. Absolutely watching!! The winter Olympics make me happy!!

  10. I watch when(if) I remember to turn the tv on after getting the kids to bed. I should be using the DVR, I know!! I just keep forgetting...

  11. USA v Canada, today! Then a flash from the past, Loverboy at the medals ceremony!


  13. I'm sleepy every day from staying up weatching! Evan - Oh Ma Gawd -- he was perfection! The Canadian couple ice dancing last night - they are in 1st place now - perfection!

    Lindsay Vonn, Shawn White, Bode (BODE!!) -- all amazing. And we beat Canada in hockey - hee hee.

  14. I'm tired from staying up to watch it, yet I don't seem to be smart enough to go to bed earlier. Our girls are obessesed with the Olympics, which is fine with me. Team USA plays today at 2:00 p.m. Not that it's on my Outlook schedule or anything...


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